The release of AB6IX's special album and "Complete With You" are one question and one answer.

The group AB6IX released a special gift album "Complete With You" for fans on January 17 last month.

The release of AB6IX's special album and "Complete With You" are one question and one answer.

special album "Complete With You"

From "B:COMPLETE" to "MO'COMPLETE" released last year, the end of AB6IX's keyword "completeness," which has continued through a series of albums, is an album that directly expresses that it can only be completed with fans.

It added meaning by honestly capturing their autobiographical stories, such as longing for fans, consideration of themselves, and the importance of people and love, in an unusual situation where they have not been able to face fans for a long time.

"COMPLETE WITH YOU". One question and one answer.

AB6IX's "Complete With You" album jacket.

1. It is the first album of 2022. How do you feel about releasing your special album, "Complete With You"?

Woong: Through this album, we expressed our longing and longing for our fans in a tired and difficult situation due to COVID-19. Please show a lot of interest and love. I love you, ABNEW. I hope everyone is healthy until we meet again.

DH: I think it's all the more meaningful because it's our first album this year. It's a pleasant album that contains the individuality and charm of AB6IX members. The album is filled with songs of various genres, so I hope many people will love it and listen to it.

First of all, I feel good because it feels like I'm giving a gift to the fans who have been waiting for our song. I hope these songs will comfort you a lot. We will continue to try to make you happy with better music.

It's our first album in 2022. I think it's more meaningful because the album is full of songs written by the members. I hope you listen to it well. Thank you.

2. What's the most memorable episode while working on "1, 2, 3"?

Woong: The '1, 2, 3' choreography is really cute. I remember laughing continuously when I learned the choreography.

DH: It was cold when we filmed the performance music video. The "1, 2, 3" songs themselves are exciting and bright energy songs, so I think we were able to overcome the cold in our own way by having fun filming together.

I think I had fun practicing the dance because it was an exciting dance. It was fun learning the choreography.

Dae-hwi: I wrote the song with the thought of "Let's start 2022 happily with our loved ones." I hope many people listen to this song and have a hopeful 2022 year.

3. The solo songs that the members participated in are included in this album. If you could introduce your solo songs?

Woong: My solo song is called "CRAZY LOVE," which expresses the feelings of falling in love with a cute and lively feeling.

DH: My solo song is 'VENUS'. I tried to express Venus differently as we know it, and I think you can see a new side of me because it's a style song that I've never tried before.

Woojin: My solo song 'CONSOLATION' is a song that takes a step closer to my goal as a singer. It is a song that comforts you about the worries you may experience while living in the present era. I think it's a song that anyone can relate to.

Dae-hwi: My solo song "IN YOUR EYES" is a song that expresses the feelings I feel when I see myself reflected in the other person's eyes in beautiful lyrics. It started with the sentence "Eyes are the windows to the soul."

4. What are your goals for 2022 and future plans?

Woong: This year, we will be active in various fields so that we can become a singer who is more loved by fans and the public, so please watch.

DH: First of all, I really want to have a solo concert, and I want to perform in front of more people as COVID-19 ends.

Woojin: I want to make a fun year where fans and AB6IX can make a lot of happy memories. We will visit you from various places, so please pay a lot of attention.

Dae-hwi: I hope we will be given many opportunities to meet our fans in person, and I will greet fans and the public in more diverse fields. Please look forward to it.

5. Lastly, say something to the fans.

Woong: Actually, if the concert had been held, I would have made happy memories with the fans, but I'm very sorry that I couldn't meet them due to COVID-19. Still, I hope we can soothe that regret a little with this album, and we will come back with good news soon, so please wait a little bit. Thank you, ABNEW. I love you.

DH: It's gotten a lot colder. Always take care of your health and promise to be happy until we meet again. Thank you always and I love you.

Thank you so much for always supporting me, waiting for me, and being my support. I'll always try to show you my best.

DH: ABNEW. The first album will be released in 2022. Last year, there must have been a lot of hardships and pain, but I will cheer for this year to be a year when happy things take up a greater part. Thank you.

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