"IT BOY" BTS Jimin, #1 on "2022 Most Stylish K-pop Idol"... "Fashion Icon Jimin"

Fashion Icon BTS (BTS) Jimin topped the list of the most stylish stars in 2022, shining in terms of global ITBOY. Jimin won 67,780 votes in the "Most Stylish Kpop Idol 2022" vote held until January 30 on the global K-pop voting website "K-pop VOTE," ranking first with an overwhelming 53.11% of votes. 

"IT BOY" BTS Jimin

#1 on "2022 Most Stylish K-pop Idol"... 

"Fashion Icon Jimin".

Jimin received overwhelming support, showing a nearly double vote difference from the second place (31,2014 votes).

Jimin, who has led most of the products he usually wears in his unpretentious fashion style to be sold out, is famous for his recent self-designed and worn "With You Hoody" and "Red Caving Earrings" were the first of all members to be sold out, leading to the third round of sales.

Jimin's charming appearance, mysterious harmonious beauty of the East and the West, and muscular body due to his natural proportion of body shape and management are attracting the world's attention for showing off his best body fit style.

In addition, he was the only Asian to be selected as the "10 Best Dressers of the Week" by GQ in 2019, and in the same year, he was recognized as a "model and muse" in the fashion business (BoF) and the "2019 Class."

It has also received love and praise from fashion designers around the world, including Brithsh Vouge, American lifestyle & entertainment magazine, nylon, "ELLE JAPAN," British fashion expert George Hollins, British Beckham editor and Vogue style editor Edward Basamian and Louis Vuitton chief designer Virgil Ablo.

Jimin's airport fashion, which was introduced when he left for LA in December, drew attention and was selected as the "Hot Airport Look" by Canadian Entertainment News.

British fashion expert George Hollins really likes Jimin's style. Jimin's style was highly praised as smooth, sophisticated, clean, and luxurious.

Fans around the world congratulated Jimin with #FashionIconJimin on the news of winning the first place in "Most Stylish KpopIdol 2022.

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