BTS webtoon without breath is lip sync.

 Although BTS Webtoon is raising a record number of views amid expectations and interest from fans around the world, there are also criticisms that it is only BTS with "patterns" unrelated to BTS.

The collaboration webtoon Seven Pates: Chakho (7 Fates: Hereinafter Seven Pates), which Hive and Naver Webtoon tried together for the first time, was released on the 15th.

BTS webtoon without breath is lip sync.

BTS Webtoon

Seven Pates, which gained a motif from Gapsa Temple, a unit that catches criminals during the Joseon Dynasty, is a fantasy in which seven main characters believed to be BTS members catch criminals that cause disasters in modern cities.

Naver Webtoon boasted that it recorded 15 million views around the world within two days of its release, but some BTS fans responded differently. Regardless of the workability and entertainment of "Seven Pates," the argument that "there is no connection with BTS" is popular. It is a story that "only the pattern is BTS webtoon."

ARMYs don't oppose commercialization.

BTS fans are not opposed to commercialization itself. The judge doesn't even insist that the artist speaks only by dancing and singing, as the ruling says. In order to watch the first public video of Hyundai Motor's commercial featuring BTS, he runs a long line in front of the London Square electronic display and enjoys McDonald's "BTS Set Menu," which members prefer.

I am grateful for learning Korean with the voices of the members reproduced through voice synthesis, and I am willing to open my wallet complaining that it is expensive even if I sell my pajamas that Jin planned for 120,000 won. After hearing the news that the members participated in the item design of Nexon's Maple Story, they visit a PC room.

BTS Butter

I am only concerned that the real names of the members are used in the drama "Youth," which depicts the BTS worldview, but I am looking forward to the drama airing.

BTS successful collaboration.

What BTS successfully collaborated on has in common is the participation of the members. BTS has appeared or reflects the thoughts and preferences of the members. BTS has grown into a world-class group through sincere communication with fans. Although it has been loved by sharing social messages with fans as a song about the inside of the members, the participation and sharing of the members were omitted in this BTS webtoon.

In the future, we hope that Hive will not be criticized for excessive commercialization in the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) project, which is being promoted as a new business.

BTS' breathless collaboration is not a collaboration.

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