BTS V "Christmas Tree" Spotify 40 million..."The shortest K-pop male solo album."

 "Christmas Tree," sung by BTS (BTS) V, surpassed 40 million streaming in 40 days, the shortest period of K-pop men's solo performance on Spotify.

BTS V "Christmas Tree" Spotify 40 million...

"The shortest K-pop male solo album.""

BTS V "Christmas Tree"

The main OST of the drama "We Are That Year" "Christmas Tree" is a K-pop men's solo song on Spotify, the world's largest music platform, on February 3rd, surpassing 40 million streams in the shortest period of 40 days. This is also the shortest period in Korean OST history.

Christmas Tree, which was released on Christmas Eve last year, has been breaking records for the shortest time on global music platforms such as Spotify, Shazam, and Apple Music since its release.


"Christmas Tree" is also showing off its powerful music power in the sales sector, hitting global music charts with strong streaming and download sectors.

"Christmas Tree" ranked the highest among Korean solo artists' OSTs on Spotify's "Top Songs Global Weekly" chart. In Japan, which was released as an official song on the 13th, it entered the Spotify Weekly chart for the first time in Korea's OST and is also recording remarkable results in fierce competition in Japan, the world's second music market.

On the Korean Spotify Daily Chart, "Christmas Tree" has topped the Korean OST for the seventh consecutive day since entering the top spot for the first time, and on the global Spotify chart, it is the longest K-pop men's solo song and the longest in Korean OST history for 24 consecutive days.

V's other #1 songs.

BTS V "Christmas Tree" Spotify 40 million

With V's self-composed song, Itaewon Class's Sweet Night also topped the drama OST category of Spotify 2020 Wrapped with the best streaming in Korean OST history.

V is in the spotlight as an OST emperor with two successive songs, "Sweet Night" and "Christmas Tree." V is an actor and singer who has excellent ability to analyze dramas and interpret songs, increasing the immersion of the drama with a soft and mournful emotional vocalist, as well as leaving a deep impression on listeners.

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