ATEEZ's new song "Don't Stop" topped iTunes K-pop charts in 28 regions

 The new song "Don't Stop," released by boy group ATEEZ in partnership with Universe, has killed all music charts around the world.

The global fandom platform UNIVERSE continues to show enthusiastic responses to ATEEZ's new song "Don't Stop," which was released on February 2nd and January 31st, on overseas music charts.

ATEEZ's new song "Don't Stop" topped iTunes K-pop charts in 28 regions.

ATEEZ "Don't Stop"

"Don't Stop" ranks first in a total of 26 countries and regions, including iTunes Top K-POP Song Chart, UK, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Germany, France, Finland, Argentina, United Arab Emirates, India, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

In addition, he was ranked in the top 10 in Italy, Spain, Sweden, Vietnam, etc., achieving the top spot on iTunes charts in 28 regions around the world (as of February 1st), as well as sweeping the top ranks.

It also ranked first and fourth on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart and the European iTunes Song Chart, respectively. He also proved his extraordinary global popularity by ranking third on Japan's largest streaming platform, Recochoku Daily Kpop Genre Single Chart.

UNIVERSE MUSIC's 16th new song, "Don't Stop".

The new song "Don't Stop" captivated fans around the world with its solid vocals, unique rap, and intense message, "We can continue our infinite challenges when we are together."

boy group ATEEZ

In particular, the addictive melody line and lyrics that hover around the ears are impressive. On top of that, ATEEZ Hong Joong and Min Gi participated in the rap making to enhance the completeness of the song.

Universe Music released a total of 15 songs in collaboration with popular K-pop artists such as Kang Daniel, THE BOYZ, MONSTA X, Park Ji-hoon, ASTRO, and Oh My Girl last year. It also stood out on major music charts such as overseas iTunes, U.S. Billboard, and Amazon Music, solidifying its global position.

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